Koalaful's Story

Greetings and welcome to the one place where you can find the most Koalaful and unique children’s books. We know how difficult it can be to get your kids to read books. But at Koalaful, we make things easier. We give you unique and charming storybooks to help build the knowledge base of your children. Our books are full of charming stories to open your child’s mind towards imagining the universe around them. Kids are always interested in things that peak their interest and there is nothing that can peak a child’s interest more than an interesting storybook.


Koalaful was established in 2013 with a goal to inspire future generations. We educate, entertain and inspire children through our books by giving you (the parents) stories for your kids to build their character in a positive way. We do that by giving them stories about how Suzie learned a lesson about eating healthy food and how she found out that eating healthy can be beneficial for her health while junk food can result in damaging her health. 


There are also inspiring tales of heroism such as a kid named Jo who visits his grandfather, Tom, every summer. But as fate would have it, their lives change when a mysterious encounter leads to both of them gaining superpowers. One can run at great speeds while the other gains the ability to fly high. They use their powers to combat the villain and save their world from destruction. Apart from that, Jo also uses his powers at school to stop bullies from bullying other kids. Nothing inspires a child more than tales of heroism and bravery. 


Our books aim to educate children in a way that develops their character positively. We don’t solely focus on stories based on fictional superheroes and heroic tales.Our books are just as educational as they are entertaining. We give parents the books that have been written in a way that promotes positive lifestyle choices, good health, excellent behavior, and to give them enthusiasm for the future. We know that it can be hard to encourage a child to read books, which is exactly why we make reading a ‘want to’ experience rather than a ‘have to’. 


Our range of children’s books is ever-growing. We strive to keep adding more exciting books that take your children on amazing adventures.