Koalaful's FAQ




Are Koalaful books appropriate for all children?

Yes, our books work wonderfully for all kids. The books talk
about adventures and tales that teach, entertain and inspire them, all at the
same time. 


Do your books contain fictitious characters and beings like fairies, sea creatures, princes and princesses?


Yes, a lot of our books are works of fiction with stories,
characters and mythical creatures that make the text more interesting and
exciting for the child. We include these to allow children to open their minds
towards imagining things beyond this world.


Are these mythical creatures and other beings in any way going to scare our child?


Some character appearances may be scary to some kids and not for others. We advise parents to make the judgment as they know their kids better. Parents can go over the image on the book cover as well as the story preview to judge if the creatures in the story are scary for their kids. We recommend that every parent do this as they are more aware of what their children may consider scary. What one parent might consider scary may not be scary for the other. Some of our stories have spooky and weird characters so it is best if the parents go through the book to make sure that it won’t frighten their kid(s). 


How long does it take for your books to reach their destination?


Delivery for digital copies is immediate. Delivery for Hardcopies will be 7 to 14 business days for domestic orders. International orders may take longer and will depend on shipping days chosen.


Can I ship books to different addresses within a single order?


We apologize but that is not possible. We cannot ship one order to multiple addresses. However, you can email our customer services and ask whether any shipping adjustments can be allowed when placing your orders.


Can I pay with money orders or checks?


We apologize but we do not accept money orders or checks. All
orders must be paid for through a debit card, credit card or PayPal.The orders for digital books are processed through iTunes, Nook and Amazon, when available. We don’t offer hard copies of our books as of now so no sales are made through the website. But once we do start offering hard copies, you can use those payment methods. We will offer hard copies on demand and these requests will have to be made by contacting us.



Are credit cards charged immediately ?


All credit cards are charged upon receiving the order. 

If I return my item can I get a full return?

All sales are final. Exception applies to items received damaged, which will receive a store credit. If your item (s) arrived damaged, please notify us immediately and provide a picture of the damage. A new one will be sent to you after receiving the damaged item. Once order has been placed, cancellation must be made within 48 hours from the time the order was placed.


Does your website offer gift certificates?


We do not offer gift certificates at this time, but you can get an iTunes gift certificate from iTunes.


What if my book come damaged?

Please notify us immediately if you order came damaged. Provide us with a picture showing the damage and we will have you send it back to us and send you a new one.