At Koalaful, we guarantee that your order will be delivered without any discrepancies. Since Koalaful started its services, we have yet to get a single negative response from any of our customers. We ensure that the books we make receive glowing responses from the kids.


Koalaful offers professional customer service for its customers. There is detailed info on how to get in touch with us. Our books are available for download on iTunes and we will be selling hard copies of our books in the near future and once we do, we will ensure that the quality of the books will be topnotch and that they will be delivered in perfect condition.We are in the process of selecting a printing company. For now, we only entertain bulk printing orders. If you want hard copies of a particular book in bulk, we can print them for you. For individuals wanting hard copies for any of our books, we will need to receive a certain number of individual requests in order for us to send the book for printing. The minimum number of requests should come from at least 30 parents before we can send the book to printing.


Koalaful is committed to providing its customers the best books in the market. They are written for families and kids and offered at a price that is fair. We ensure that all the books you buy from us have been authorized to be sold on iTunes and will soon be coming to Amazon or Kindle.


Anyone looking for children’s books can contact Koalaful representatives for guidance and tips regarding our books.


We define what is truly important. Every book we sell is treated as if it is our only product. We treat every customer as if they are the only customer to ensure that you get the personal treatment you deserve.

Our core values include:

     ·  Sell Children Books to Encourage Learning in Children
     ·  Increase Children Vocabulary through Reading and Exposure to New Words
     ·  Be Excellent, Committed and Enthusiastic in Our Services
     ·  Commit to Sustainable Business Practices
     ·  Be Humble and Ensure 100% Customer Satisfaction

It is our mission to not only educate children on important issues, but also to entertain them in a way that positively develops their characters and opens their minds towards their surroundings. Our stories are
pure fiction and out of the ordinary. We adhere to what Albert Einstein once said: "If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairytales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairytales.”

This is why we guarantee perfection in our books and services in every way possible.