“Rox and Pax: I Can Be That Too!”, tells the story of twins, Rox (a boy), who wants to be a teacher like Mommy, and Pax (a girl), who wants to be an astronaut like Daddy. But there’s only a problem. Rox cannot be a teacher, Pax tells him, because he is not a girl like Mommy. And Pax cannot be an astronaut, Rox tells her, because she is not a boy like Daddy.


The twins are understandably overjoyed when Daddy corrects their misconception: Boys can do any jobs girls can do, and girls can do any jobs boys do. Boys and girls can dream of being anything they want to be. Thrilled, the children employ their wildest imaginations to explore all of the many things they might one day be. 


This story is for kiddos and for the young at heart. I hope it encourages kids to dream, and then set out to capture those dreams, regardless of how difficult that task may appear.  





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Rox and Pax: I Can Be That Too!

  • Pages: 64 pages 

    Age: 4+

    Categories: Picture Book,  Realistic Fiction 

    ISBN: 978-1-942509-15-8

    Price: $17.99